Debian is an Operating System which uses the Linux kernel. Although it is usually installed on desktops, it is being used on an increasing number of web servers as well. The reason is that it is really stable, so a server running it won't have to be restarted for months. Debian is also considered to be among the most secure Operating Systems available, as security patches are released within days after a problem is found. This is possible because thousands of skilled developers are employed by the Debian project on a voluntary basis and not only do they work on the OS itself, but they also provide 24/7 support through special e-mail lists and respond within 20 minutes to any question. In this light, you will obtain an outstanding level of support directly from the developers who know their own platform in depth, and not from a third-party support team. Debian is also one of several Linux releases with the highest number of packages - more than 30,000. Since the Operating System is free to use, you can modify both the core and all the packages in the way you see fit. In addition, you will not need to pay any kind of license fees.