If you are a site owner, a problem could always crop up and it doesn’t necessarily have to be connected with the hosting service. For instance, something can go wrong when you bring a software app up to date or some critical content can be edited or erased incidentally. No matter what the nature of the problem might be, you will have to get in touch with the client service team and request them to recover a backup or to assist you in resolving the problem that you are facing. How promptly they will do that will determine the interval of time that your websites will be offline. For specific websites like social networking sites or online stores, a prolonged outage duration often equals losing customers and money. Because of this, it is very important that you use the services of a company that provides not only a good client support service, but also a fast one.

One-Hour Response Guarantee in Web Hosting

Our guaranteed maximum response time for any trouble ticket that you open or any e-mail that you write is just sixty minutes, even if you contact us on weekends and legal holidays. Whatever the essence of your problem or inquiry might be, we will help you out momentarily and will supply you with the needed info to solve any problem with your sites. The actual reply time usually does not exceed fifteen-twenty minutes, which suggests that you can forget about waiting around for hours and hours on end to get an issue resolved or what is even worse than that – waiting all day only to get a reply that more info is necessary whilst nothing’s sorted out. We will offer you assistance in an instant as we realize just how costly time can be in the dynamic e-world. The sixty-minute response guarantee is valid for any technical or billing inquiry that you might have in regards to our web hosting.