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honk honk Hosting delivers more than fifty top–level domain extensions to pick out from! Nevertheless, prior to determining with which domain you want to go, you ought to first of all carefully browse the TLD information table. It does present you with details of the registration period of every TLD plus the features it supports, including a registrar–lock feature, a transfer service, an Edit Whois functionality, WHOIS Privacy Protection, and many more. So, in case the domain you wish to register cannot be transferred to an alternative registrar, for example, you may want to look for a TLD that could be transferred away, in case you aren’t completely satisfied the services of your present registrar.

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TLD Registrar-Lock Transfers Edit WHOIS ID Protect Registration Period Single registration
.com yes yes (EPP) yes yes 1-10 years $14.00
.net yes yes (EPP) yes yes 1-10 years $17.00
.org yes yes (EPP) yes yes 1-10 years $15.45
.info yes yes (EPP) yes yes 1-10 years $23.95
.biz yes yes (EPP) yes yes 1-10 years $20.45
.us yes yes (EPP) yes no 1-10 years $12.95
.ca yes yes (EPP) yes no 1-10 years $20.50
.mobi yes yes (EPP) yes no 1-10 years $31.50
.cn no yes (EPP) yes no 1-10 years $17.00 no yes (EPP) yes no 1-10 years $17.00 no yes (EPP) yes no 1-10 years $17.00 no yes (EPP) yes no 1-10 years $17.00

Domain Lock - This option permits you to lock your domain name in order to obstruct any type of possible attempts for not authorized transfer. The registrar lock option isn’t maintained by all TLDs so check the TLD info table prior to registering a domain.

Domain Transfer Services - Any time you transfer a domain name to honk honk Hosting, one year is to be added to its date of expiration. For quite a few domains, an EPP authorization key is necessary. It is actually given to you by your registrar ahead of the transfer process is launched. While some suppliers have got special rates for domain transfer, at honk honk Hosting, the transfer prices are the same as the registration price!

WHOIS Editing Option - In the Domain Manager, you can modify the WHOIS information for the domain name when you need to!

Whois Privacy Protection Service - Cover the openly available Whois data of a domain quickly when using the WHOIS Privacy Protection service! Additionally, we offer the most affordable prices!

The Registration Period - A TLD goes with its own registration period as related to the registry’s policy. For example, a regular domain like .COM could be registered for 1 to 10 years, and a domain like .BE can be acquired for one year only.

Minimum TLD Registration Period - A large number of TLDs are available with a nominal registration period of 12 months.

Notes - View if the TLD you wish to register carries any type of special specifications for registration.

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